Olive oil is the symbol of the Greek world. Olive groves have shaped the Greek countryside. Our olive grove produces pure, virgin olive oil, bottled and marketed under the label Kamarelaio. Our facilities extend over an area of 12 acres, on the shores of the Corinthian Gulf. Our collaboration with distinguished producers, allows us to offer an olive oil with fine taste and delicate aroma, with up to 0.6 acidity, The consumer has the option to choose between two prestigious labels. Our olive oil is sealed in glass bottles• in this way its colour is protected and its qualities are preserved.

Olive oil & Health

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

“Olive oil” and “Virgin olive oil” are used throughout the Mediterranean. The former is normally used for cooking. The latter, which is appropriate for all uses, is excellent when consumed raw to best appreciate its aroma and flavour and to benefit fully from all its natural components.